Allison's Dog Training

Thanks so much for everything Allison! Something tells me I’m not quite finished, but you’ve created two fantastic dogs for us.  I could never have gotten Josie to this point without you, and, of course, you’ve got Maggie in a perfect place  .  I will continue to recommend you!!!!  Our friends can’t believe Josie’s the same dog! I may call over the summer to work on Maggie. Any thoughts on what else she would need? Let me know and thank you again!

xo Karen

The most important thing I have learned about animals is to listen and learn from them, and to develop my own judgment.  When I first met Allison, I had only known the kind of trainers who advertise, “at the end of your leash”… and in fact, had allowed one of them to drag my dog at the end of the leash after he cowered to the trainer’s harsh command to heel.  I wasn’t confident enough to tell him to stop and I will never forgive myself.

I had already been working with horses in a positive way and knew better. Then I saw Allison’s card at Dr. Barry Browning’s office and knew I was on the right track.  Nothing new here. Same as in martial arts, as in the California vaquero way of horsemanship - focus on the positive and redirect the energy.

Allison stepped right up to the challenge of my dog pound doggie who, other than his wonderful foster mom he’d had for a few weeks before he came to me, hadn’t known much good in his life.  To come to him with a human version of punishment and harsh “NO"s would have crushed his wonderful spirit. Allison knew this at once. Of course, it’s all about training the human, and we must be willing to listen.  And Allison uses the same good natured positive way to get us humans on track.

The best thing I can say about Allison is that she adjusts to fit the situation. There is no one way.  She analyzes what is going on and both intuitively and from her extensive training background knows just what is going to make things better. Often she can show the human immediately what they have been doing to cause the very behaviour they are calling her to fix!

When I’ve recommended Allison to friends– and even strangers I meet when Bean and I are together– they ask ‘How many sessions did you need?”, thinking they are about to get roped into the equivalent of a lifetime on the pyschiatrist’s couch.  When I say three or four, and always on different subjects, they’re astounded.  She gets in, takes whatever time she needs to get the job done in the kindest possible way, and goes on her way.  When I have follow up questions, she is always willing to take the time to make sure I have a clear understanding.   Can you tell Bean and I adore her?

Barbara & Bean

Before using Allison’s dog training services my dog Baxter and I had tried many training classes and trainers with little or no success.  I came to Allison looking for ways to help my chocolate lab become livable without ruling the house.  Allison’s methods and training practices completely changed the way my dog behaved and how I reacted to his behaviors.  What I love about Allison’s training is how she gives you exercises and tools to use so that you can work on things, she doesn’t simply tell you (as some others do) that what your doing is wrong…she is completely proactive and positive! Allison is willing to help and answer questions  no matter how big or small.  Baxter has made such amazing progress and I still see wonderful changes in him as we keep using and practicing what Allison has taught us.  I completely recommended Allison’s services to anyone looking for an obedience instructor.

Kelly Collins and Baxter